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Product Image (CCS-MCI-1)

Michaelson Interferometer

Price: 100000 INR/Number

Michaelson Interferometer is a precision instrument that produces interference fringes by splitting a light beam into two parts and then recombining them after they have travelled different optical paths. It finds application in measurement of small displacements. It can also be used to determine the wavelength of an unknown optical source.

Product Image (CCS-MZI)

Mach Zehnder Interferometer

Price: 100000 INR/Number

The Mach“Zehnder interferometer is a device used to determine the relative phase shift variations between two collimated beams derived by splitting light from a single source. A light beam is first split into two parts by a beamsplitter and then recombined by a second beamsplitter. Depending on the relative phase acquired by the beam along the two paths the second beamsplitter will reflect the beam


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